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Funyo Chatroulette Based Social Network

FunYo was established in January 2011 and is a popular Chatorulette alternative in our list. It is clear that you will often have trouble finding people who will chat on the site where thousands of people are online.

If Facebook and Chatroulette had a baby, it would be like FunYo, except for adults! The site combines all aspects of a social network and random web cam chat sites. It works very fast and offers many features that you will not find in most of the other sites on our list. Among the sites in our list is a web cam chat site with just one more social networking feature, but this site looks more like Facebook and has more advanced features.

The site is in the top 50 in Alexa rankings, and thousands of people from all over the world are online at any given moment. This site is one of my most visited sites because it offers many features that other roulette sites can not offer other than being in our best site list.

The site has a pretty good design, but when it comes to communication with people it may be a little better. For example, I like to talk to a normal man and girls, but I had to pass many men before I could find what I was looking for. However, I still think that it is a fantastic site.

FunYo is undergoing an aesthetic operation and is preparing to release an enhanced version of its roulette apps. As soon as it's out, we'll add it to my site. The previews we saw were quite exciting and it is clear that they will be much better now than the old version they are using!
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